Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update 2 Constanza

Hi Guys
Just wanted to send you a quick update....a request and a few reminders.
Alfredo said that a number of people talked to him on the street about listening to ETH radio... these were unsaved people.
Alfredo is well known in town, so this is a good way to get feedback.
Yesetrday Alfredo and I went to several pastors to start showing the christian films we are using in cooperation with churches throughout Constanza, we will also use these outreaches as an opportunity to promote ETH.
This Sunday we are also starting a new permanent outreach in what is so far the most remote place in the mountains where we are working.
Recently we were in the city of La Vega and talked with the local prison of 900 inmates... however they were not very thrilled to see Audio Bibles, as the prison does not allow access to electronics for inmates.
We still need to talk with the prisons head hancho to see if we can get an exemption.
We recently brought in 40 Audio Bibles with MFI into the city of Santiago.
Customs wanted $1000 in  taxes for the units which was negotiated down to $345.
This was a fluke thing as MFI was dealing with a customs lady they usually dont have contact with as she is new.
However we learned a few important things out of that mishap.
First of all, once anything with customs is in their computer it can not be reversed, even if it were taxed too least that is what it seems like as the customs lady simply searched the internet to get a price on the units instead of looking at the actual stickers on each Audio Bible. Also the taxes cannot be returned or waived if the items are returned to the US because they are broke or because of damage. 
Second ... and this is the good news, MFI has a good Dominican guy on the ground who is doing all the processing with customs for all their shipments.
He told me that it is not a problem to get electronic equipment through customs if he is advised of it prior to arrival so that he can work this out with Santiago customs beforehand.....good to know as this helps eliminate at least in some cases lengthy trips to the capitol in order to get the tax exemption papers.
.... I would like to get the (ETH frequency anylyzer) equipment to Constanza so that we can start the same (frequency study) process here.
We recently talked with missionaries in the town of Jarabacoa who were surprised about radio in Constanza and asked if it were possible to get radio into Jarabacoa if possible.
Jarabacoa is half way between Santiago and Constanza and I would have thought that they could receive Christian stations from Santiago, however that does not seem to be the case.
If you want me to I can investigate more on that further down the road.
Keep up the good work.
Much joy in our Lord
Greetings Wolfgang
Tobi and Sina are back from Australia, they send greetings and had a great time hunting Roo in the outback

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