Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Solar Radios for Haiti 102.3 FM


Solar Powered
Fix-tuned Radios

for Haiti 102.3 FM

JANUARY 25, 2013

We have $20,000.00 worth of fixed tuned solar powered radios committed as a donation for 102.3 FM in Haiti!!! That is 1,000 new Radios!!
We only need to raise the funds to ship them in. Please donate if you would like to be a part of this opportunity to "Get the Word out" with Ears To Hear Radio and 102.3 FM the Voice of Salvation Radio in Haiti.

Click HERE to go to our fundraiser page.
Ears To Hear is a 501c3 non-profit registered in the United States and an International Non-Governmental Organization registered in the Dominican Republic.
GALCOM'S ‘Go-Ye’ radios are fix-tuned to our Christian radio station  for exclusive listening to the Gospel. These Radios are tuned to 102.3 FM to be sure they reach this gospel message.
On average each radio is listened to by 10 people greatly multiplying the impact of the missionary outreach. Go-Ye radios are a great tool for short-term mission teams allowing them to leave a Gospel witness long after they’ve left. Go-Ye radios allow those who can’t travel overseas to send a pocket sized missionary in their place.


Durable, Water Proof, Solar Powered, FM, Built-in Speaker

Ears To Hear Radio 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

December UPDATE-Reckoning on God's Power and Presence to be with us.

Joshua 1:9 (NKJV)
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

"Many Christians estimate difficulty in the light of their own resources, and thus they attempt very little and they always fail. All giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence to be with them."- Hudson Taylor

In my attempt to get caught up with all of you Prayer Warriors out there I am going to do a chronological post of the events that have transpired over the past two months with us here in the field. I trust everyone has had a busy time around the Christmas and New Year Holidays. I want to start off by saying I know how the Holidays can be a time of missing our friends and relatives who have gone on to glory ahead of us. I know firsthand since this is the first year since my mother has passed away and also I understand how difficult when friends and loved ones pass away and we are so far away from everyone and are not able to just “drop in” and pay condolences. Truly the Lord is our refuge and strength. I trust that our life is no different than yours as we all face struggles and also get blessed with partaking in triumphs. The battle is knowing that the trials are for our good and the triumphs really have nothing to do with us and the glory is to be had by God alone.


Each Child received a Wellness Bag
One of the Great Triumphs we get to give God glory for is that Early in December marked the day that all 60 of the children in the Batey Central School have been sponsored! To God Be the glory! Please take a moment and click the link above to see each of them and when you do please say a prayer for each of them and their families.
We were blessed with a very busy schedule throughout all of December and on the first weekend of December we received a NATIVE mission team sent to us from Iglesia Cristiana de la Communidad (Community Christian Church) of Santo Domingo. Let me just tell you they were a HUGE blessing!
The Children had Skits, Music as well as the Bible Stories
As they came they brought the Love of Jesus with them and they shared with the children of the school in drama, music and Bible Stories. They played games with the children and gave out prizes to the children who learned Bible verses and they also provided a health check-up and parasite medicine for all of the children in the school. The girls from the youth group took the time to brush and braid the hair of the young ladies at the school (they felt like princesses getting the royal treatment) and the guys played ball with the boys. We had a great time as we were praying and helping where needed. 
The children received so much love.
The children and the people of the community were blessed as they were the recipient of God’s love being poured through His servants and the best part is there was no need for translators! The team also left refreshed and blessed. They prayed for our family and the Team working at the school. We had over 40 from this church in the Capitol participate in this outreach opportunity. We are so thankful for supporting churches and the opportunity we have to be an outlet for even the Native churches here to Evangelize, Disciple and BE the church God intends for us to be.
We were so blessed to have Christina Froman return again for her “second round” living with the Rineholts and teaching at the School. You can read all about it here at her blog “reach out and teach” Wonder why she uses a boxing analogy referring to her return to the Rineholts and the School??? :) 

As soon as the team left we began the next phase of planning for the school. We started by laying out a new area for the kitchen to be built for the School. The children are fed one hot meal a day at the school. This is a big blessing for the families of the school as they know that the children will at least get one hot meal a day as well as vitamins and fresh clean water to drink. The food is being made offsite and carted in each day. This is very difficult as you can imagine preparing a hot meal every day for over 60 children alone is a feat in and of itself but to cart it in each day on a motorcycle is another thing altogether. We staked out a building beside the school that will one day house a kitchen facility to cook the meals for the children. The kitchen is 14’ x 14’ and will be constructed of concrete with a concrete roof to hold a water tank that will provide the water to clean the dishes and keep the kitchen clean.We began preparation for a team that will come later in December to help with Construction. We took delivery on the Block, cement and rock that are needed to begin the construction. We were able to bless a few of the men from the community with a few days of work working with us to dig and pour the footers as well as lay the first few courses of block to be certain we are ready for the team.

We have been hosting a Youth Bible Study at our house since March of 2012. We have seen between 30 and 60 youth show up each week. I will not take much time to elaborate here but to let you know some of the sin plaguing this culture is in the area of promiscuity. As we have continued to study through the book of 1 Corinthians in our weekly Youth Bible Study at our house here on the mountain in Alfa we have been confronted with the issues of sexual sin in the Church. We have been discussing that no matter what a culture tells us that God’s Word is our authority. When God’s Word speaks counter to our culture we are obligated to be Obedient to God and His Word if we call ourselves Christians and consider ourselves “the Church”. It is common here for a 13 year old girl to be pregnant or a 14 year old girl to be on to her second "marriage" and having her second child. God is breaking our hearts for these babies who are having babies. Please pray for us as we continue to share God’s Truth which is often difficult when the opposition it seems is speaking with a megaphone and our voice is so small. We have committed to Love these children no matter what their past is like, and to pour God's Love in to them.
Romans 5:8 "but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

So we prepared and received a team from Mt Vernon to come and construct a new Kitchen. While this team was here we mixed concrete, laid block, mixed more concrete, laid more block mixed more concrete, poured a floor, you get the point! We also took time each day to go out in to the community and share with the families of the sponsored children. Not everyone of the families that have children in the school go to church with Wilkyns as he teaches a Bible Study each Sunday morning at the school in the Batey. However many more of the families have begun to be involved in the school and some have been coming to the church. The children are the gateway in to the home. It is our heart to nurture these LONG TERM relationships through prayer for the families, teaching of the Bible and also answering questions about what it is to be a disciple/follower of Jesus. The children are being taught every school day the nature and doctrine of Jesus and what it means to follow Him. We have seen spiritual fruit being formed and grown in these young lives as they take on this nature and character of Christ one day at a time. Each time this particular team comes to the Batey they pick up the conversation where they left off last time with the same families. Developing a long term relationship of trust and nurturing. It was such a blessing for us to read the letters from the sponsors to the family. It was awesome hearing how the families who sponsor the children are praying for the children at the school by name and praying for their salvation and discipleship. We were blessed to see the tears of the saints as they heard of their families in the USA who are holding them up in prayer. It was genuinely moving and very exciting to know that the work is more than anything material and transcends into the eternal. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome it was to spend more time with our friend Ken from MTV and Jackie was just a blessing and huge encouragement to Jen while she was here. Thank you , God for these people! We also made new lifetime friends in Teliah, Kraig and Adam and very humbled to know such men and women of God. We were excited to see the progress on the kitchen but very sad to see our friends off to the airport, of course not without at least one flat tire!

As we get closer to Christmas we are all missing the music of the Holidays and the American Parties that we would be invited to as well as the extra time with family and friends, not to mention all the cookies, candies etc that come with the holidays. We anticipate the Christmas Plane from Missionary Flights International that not only contained much love from you all for our kids for Christmas but also for the kids at the school. As for the Children at the school we had received several boxes of love from First Baptist Church of Essex as the Lord placed on their hearts to make shoe box gifts for EVERY CHILD at the school! We received the boxes and began planning for a Christmas party for the children at the school. We had cake, soda and shared a Bible Story from the Gospel of Luke on the Birth of Jesus. We sang songs and had a great time. Each child was presented with a gift shoebox and a stuffed toy. They were so excited and they were so happy. We Thank God for partners in ministry who allow God’s love to flow through them. You can see how happy the children were to be blessed by you all thinking about them! Thank You!

We celebrated our Christmas Meal on Christmas eve so we could do an outreach as a family on Christmas Day. We were so blessed by the presents that were flown in to our family for Christmas. We feel so loved by all of you! After the kids woke up early on Christmas morning and opened the presents followed by family time of prayer and reading of Luke 2 the Christmas Story, we packed up and headed out to a nearby community to share God's Love. So we were invited to do this Christmas Outreach in the town of El Penon. There is a church meeting there without a Pastor. They have about 40 children in the children's program. We took a projector, an inflatable screen, and a PA system to show the Christmas Movie in Spanish "The Toy That saved Christmas" a Veggie-tales Movie. It was a Hit with the kids. We also brought a snack of Cupcakes that Jen had made, and Soda and Popcorn the girls put together as a gift for the Children. Ricardo and I shared God love through the Christmas Story and God's plan of Salvation for them. With the heart of the child they responded graciously to the Word that was delivered. When Ricardo saw his picture of him in front of all the kids he told me he could not believe he is in front of all these people talking to them about Jesus. I told Ricardo to continue to walk in the calling God has for him and he will continue to be surprised to look back and see all that God will do through someone like him who just makes himself available! I know this update has been late getting to you, and for that I am sorry. As you can see we have been busy enjoying the labor in front of us. We are thankful to be serving our Lord and we are glad you are a part of this journey as well. There is so much more to say and I will save the prayer requests and answered prayer for the January Update that will follow this one.

We Love you and Thank you for taking the time to pray for our family!


The Rineholts!