Sunday, March 16, 2014

Radio 102.3 FM 1 year Update

continued from email.....

Ebed Jacques-Director RVS
Listeners call for prayer requests for them and for families too. We sometimes ask how they receive the radio and the answers always come positive with telling about our radio programs: Pastor Serge's Teaching, Sermons, Morning Christian magazine, Bible reading, music etc...
Our listeners surely appreciate the work that is being done here. People who did not know us before even thought we were a radio from Port au Prince.

Jimmy, Odnes, Jonet, Polidort are our principal hard workers here. Their work encourages me to be able to work harder for the Lord.

Shawn and Pilot Wolfgang

 Radio Air Drop

In April, the Ears To Hear air plane radio drop-out impacted the whole town but the people from the NW were complaining that they are too faithful with RVS that we did not think of them. The prison distribution was such a great experience too.

Galcom Solar Radio

Hand sewn Parachutes

Solar Powered Radios Fix-Tuned to 102.3 FM

A radio dropped from the plane with the parachute deployed.

Loading the plane to prepare for the trip to Haiti.

Flying over Port au Prince on the way to St Marc

Power Problems

Some weeks later we were about to organize our programming but a sudden power problem happened in the town, we stopped working. When the power came back we found out that the Church's cable that connects to the street power was stolen and it took some time before the church repaired the connection. We do not know what happened but the power was fixed after more than a month without working, we found out that our inverter was broken while there was not enough street power time to operate our equipments. The programming we were building, organizing little by little could not continue due to power problem but we still had the few time on air that people enjoyed and they called all the time to ask why we are not as we were. 

We need a diesel 7KW Generator similar to this for RVS

We finally thought, through this power trouble, that we needed a generator. By searching Port au Prince’s stores we eventually found out that a 7 KW Diesel Kubota would be ideal for us to use as a power source. Later twelve hours of power became available for us.

When the power came back again to the normal 12 hours we still needed a power inverter to make our eight 6 Volts bring more power time to the not-regular/daily-12-hour power time.

On November, thanks to the Lord and people praying for us, there was a fund that was available for us. It was from the Nazarene Mission and was about exactly the amount needed to buy a new inverter to replace the one we could not fix. We decided not to fix the inverter but buying a new one. It took us time to buy the new one since we could not find a store where the same quality is available. By the help of the Lord Jesus we finally found a store who had it on January and we bought and installed it.

The radio is at least airing 16 hours daily; this poor power time is now due to our old batteries that are at the end of their life. Three more generators came to Saint Marc power plant are being installed and it announces to be a lot more power time in the town. This makes us not able to take a decision whether to launch the generator project or the batteries project. We will restart to build our programming soon again. The people still have great love for the 102.3 FM. They call us all the time to thank us and tell us what they would like. We tell them to be patient and to pray as we are working on things.

So far, despite difficulties, we are doing great these days! We learn from our experiences and difficulties to better understand the future. Our equipments are still the same except one of the microphones stand that has a minor damage. We still need a two or three more computers and some other things too. We hope God will provide soon.

Thank you for your heart for this ministry in Saint Marc, Haiti. God Bless You.

note from ETH: if you have unwanted laptops we have several needs at this station and the one in Constanza for working Laptops, and external Hard drives to store Radio Programs / editing and broadcast. Please drop a line to ETH if you would like to help out.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update 2 Constanza

Hi Guys
Just wanted to send you a quick update....a request and a few reminders.
Alfredo said that a number of people talked to him on the street about listening to ETH radio... these were unsaved people.
Alfredo is well known in town, so this is a good way to get feedback.
Yesetrday Alfredo and I went to several pastors to start showing the christian films we are using in cooperation with churches throughout Constanza, we will also use these outreaches as an opportunity to promote ETH.
This Sunday we are also starting a new permanent outreach in what is so far the most remote place in the mountains where we are working.
Recently we were in the city of La Vega and talked with the local prison of 900 inmates... however they were not very thrilled to see Audio Bibles, as the prison does not allow access to electronics for inmates.
We still need to talk with the prisons head hancho to see if we can get an exemption.
We recently brought in 40 Audio Bibles with MFI into the city of Santiago.
Customs wanted $1000 in  taxes for the units which was negotiated down to $345.
This was a fluke thing as MFI was dealing with a customs lady they usually dont have contact with as she is new.
However we learned a few important things out of that mishap.
First of all, once anything with customs is in their computer it can not be reversed, even if it were taxed too least that is what it seems like as the customs lady simply searched the internet to get a price on the units instead of looking at the actual stickers on each Audio Bible. Also the taxes cannot be returned or waived if the items are returned to the US because they are broke or because of damage. 
Second ... and this is the good news, MFI has a good Dominican guy on the ground who is doing all the processing with customs for all their shipments.
He told me that it is not a problem to get electronic equipment through customs if he is advised of it prior to arrival so that he can work this out with Santiago customs beforehand.....good to know as this helps eliminate at least in some cases lengthy trips to the capitol in order to get the tax exemption papers.
.... I would like to get the (ETH frequency anylyzer) equipment to Constanza so that we can start the same (frequency study) process here.
We recently talked with missionaries in the town of Jarabacoa who were surprised about radio in Constanza and asked if it were possible to get radio into Jarabacoa if possible.
Jarabacoa is half way between Santiago and Constanza and I would have thought that they could receive Christian stations from Santiago, however that does not seem to be the case.
If you want me to I can investigate more on that further down the road.
Keep up the good work.
Much joy in our Lord
Greetings Wolfgang
Tobi and Sina are back from Australia, they send greetings and had a great time hunting Roo in the outback

Missionary Aeroplanes
Serving and equipping missionary aviators   

Contact Info: ph (616) 681-0420  
Mail:  Grotendiek
3170 Airmans Drive 3034-AIRDR
Fort Pierce, FL  34946

Central Missionary Clearinghouse
PO Box 219228
Houston, TX  77218-9228

"One of the farmers from the first village we started working in told us that we are the only hope his village has."

Ears To Hear Radio

partners in Constanza Update

Grotendiek Update Constanza, DR

January 2014
Dear friends,

As we continue to settle in Constanza, we are thankful that the Lord has brought us here to serve Him.

The new video system is working great! Wolfgang has completed the initial outreaches in 3 villages, first showing the Jesus film and second showing a film about the Bible, called the “Hope Project.” He now plans to use the video series “Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” to help the people study through the Bible. This phase is more intense and Wolfgang hopes to visit each village once a week for regular Bible study.
One of the farmers from the first village we started working in told us that we are the only hope his village has. He of course was referring to spiritual hope. What a privilege it is to be a part of the work the Lord has been doing here! We know that people have come before us and we are reminded of 1 Corinthians 3:7-8 “..neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow. The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose….”

Going out to these mountain villages requires constant maintenance and repair on the motorbikes. We currently keep 2 bikes going so that Wolfgang can bring someone with him. We are praying for more helpers from the local church to share in this work and eventually take ownership of ministering to a particular village. Wolfgang usually travels out to a village in the late afternoon and returns at night. One in particular is not totally accessible by motorbike and the last trail segment requires hiking down to the river. At the urging of our Dominican friend Miguelito, Wolfgang, our friend Holger from Germany, and Miguelito hiked into this village to make initial contact and a plan of return to show a film. The next week Wolfgang returned, this time with our missionary friend Shawn from Ears to Hear Radio and his daughter Kylie. However due to rain, the river had risen and they got wetter than anticipated. Once in the village, they discovered the school was locked and they would have to show the film outdoors. Not a problem really until five minutes into the movie it started raining…. But this didn’t keep people from staying or more from coming! The villagers huddled under a tree for one and a half hours watching the entire film. Finally in the foggy, rainy darkness, Wolfgang, Shawn, and Kylie hiked back up to the motorbikes, drove down the mountain trails, and arrived home covered with mud. 
Kelly has started volunteering in the office of one of the schools in town. She hopes to learn more about the education system and how it functions within the culture. Going to school in the DR is not enforced and we know many older kids who either have a very poor education or none at all. Because of their age, we would like to help them learn something practical in order to find a job or generate income. Kelly has some ideas and is praying and waiting for clear leading from the Lord on when, how, and what exactly to start doing.

The BD-4 aircraft is still currently in Wauchula, Florida. We are awaiting completion of Stateside paperwork before Wolfgang can fly it over. Meanwhile Wolfgang hopes to meet with various airport authorities to begin investigating the building permit process for a hangar. He also continues to pursue an exemption for airplane parking and landing fees. Although we have been told this is possible, it seems actual success depends on with whom you talk and on what day. Please pray for Wolfgang, the authorities, and mostly that we remember all things are under the Lord’s sovereign control and in His perfect time.

Great news! Radio Alpha 99.5 FM Constanza now airs 4 hours of Christian programming 7 days a week! This more than doubles the airtime as before. Ears To Hear Radio provides the programming for the show while 2 local pastors (that’s Pastor Carlos in the photo) run the equipment and answer the phone. Keep praying for the positive impact of Christian radio in this community! 
As you have read, there are many things going on here around us. It is our joy and privilege to be a part of them, and we thank you for your part in our lives,

Wolfgang and Kelly