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"One of the farmers from the first village we started working in told us that we are the only hope his village has."

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Grotendiek Update Constanza, DR

January 2014
Dear friends,

As we continue to settle in Constanza, we are thankful that the Lord has brought us here to serve Him.

The new video system is working great! Wolfgang has completed the initial outreaches in 3 villages, first showing the Jesus film and second showing a film about the Bible, called the “Hope Project.” He now plans to use the video series “Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” to help the people study through the Bible. This phase is more intense and Wolfgang hopes to visit each village once a week for regular Bible study.
One of the farmers from the first village we started working in told us that we are the only hope his village has. He of course was referring to spiritual hope. What a privilege it is to be a part of the work the Lord has been doing here! We know that people have come before us and we are reminded of 1 Corinthians 3:7-8 “..neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow. The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose….”

Going out to these mountain villages requires constant maintenance and repair on the motorbikes. We currently keep 2 bikes going so that Wolfgang can bring someone with him. We are praying for more helpers from the local church to share in this work and eventually take ownership of ministering to a particular village. Wolfgang usually travels out to a village in the late afternoon and returns at night. One in particular is not totally accessible by motorbike and the last trail segment requires hiking down to the river. At the urging of our Dominican friend Miguelito, Wolfgang, our friend Holger from Germany, and Miguelito hiked into this village to make initial contact and a plan of return to show a film. The next week Wolfgang returned, this time with our missionary friend Shawn from Ears to Hear Radio and his daughter Kylie. However due to rain, the river had risen and they got wetter than anticipated. Once in the village, they discovered the school was locked and they would have to show the film outdoors. Not a problem really until five minutes into the movie it started raining…. But this didn’t keep people from staying or more from coming! The villagers huddled under a tree for one and a half hours watching the entire film. Finally in the foggy, rainy darkness, Wolfgang, Shawn, and Kylie hiked back up to the motorbikes, drove down the mountain trails, and arrived home covered with mud. 
Kelly has started volunteering in the office of one of the schools in town. She hopes to learn more about the education system and how it functions within the culture. Going to school in the DR is not enforced and we know many older kids who either have a very poor education or none at all. Because of their age, we would like to help them learn something practical in order to find a job or generate income. Kelly has some ideas and is praying and waiting for clear leading from the Lord on when, how, and what exactly to start doing.

The BD-4 aircraft is still currently in Wauchula, Florida. We are awaiting completion of Stateside paperwork before Wolfgang can fly it over. Meanwhile Wolfgang hopes to meet with various airport authorities to begin investigating the building permit process for a hangar. He also continues to pursue an exemption for airplane parking and landing fees. Although we have been told this is possible, it seems actual success depends on with whom you talk and on what day. Please pray for Wolfgang, the authorities, and mostly that we remember all things are under the Lord’s sovereign control and in His perfect time.

Great news! Radio Alpha 99.5 FM Constanza now airs 4 hours of Christian programming 7 days a week! This more than doubles the airtime as before. Ears To Hear Radio provides the programming for the show while 2 local pastors (that’s Pastor Carlos in the photo) run the equipment and answer the phone. Keep praying for the positive impact of Christian radio in this community! 
As you have read, there are many things going on here around us. It is our joy and privilege to be a part of them, and we thank you for your part in our lives,

Wolfgang and Kelly

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